City Dongxun is beautiful, the woman is pressed, the gangster lays

a person and take away money (monitoring cut pursues) dispatch of the net austral sea Doumin gangster of 8 Jiangxi book, expect is in fontal city urban district ci武汉夜生活论坛ty east, by the devious ATM of Changjiang Delta and武汉夜品茶网 other places, wait for depositor to press a password, overturn the person beat up, take away deposit. This year Spring Festival around, they commit the crime many cases 10 continuously, disaster gets many yuan 10. 10 days of evening, substation of abundant lustre public security many 10 policeman holds a gun the action, seize them entirely. Current, suspect of 8 people experience robs a blame, all by punishment arrest. Agency policeman introdu

ces, these 8 gangsters choose commit the crime the place is to be in a suburb to compare remote ATM chance, commit the crime time is the period of time that has not gone to work in bank of nocturnal occasional morning, of the choice commit the crime the object is lone one person. Depositor especially a single woman, should avoid to be in alone as far as possible late night time, take a money to ATM machine. If need those who take a money truly, before entering ATM plane, should observe all round circumstance, once send existing and doubtful personnel,should abandon operating instantly and leave. The person is hit to grab fund course below ATM monitoring collection yesterday, the monitoring kinescope that substation of Feng Ze public security offers shows, much at 7 o’clock in the morning on January 10, one woman is in city of abundant lustre area east street waterside one ATM machine takes beautiful industrial district when the paragraph, come in 4 men. A man sees the woman inserts card and be defeated by a password among them, pull its at the same time, press twice beat up, and partner is operated on ATM machine,西安夜生活论坛 took away 6000 multivariat东莞夜品茶网e money. Leave after 4 people are procurable. Agency policeman introduces, outside ATM room, still have 4 work in partnership, respectively by motorcycle keep watch waits. Procurable hind, they go to fontal city urban district directional flee in disorder. With commit the crime likewise method, late on January 8, this group of person installs the sea to rob 58 thousand yuan in Jinjiang; Late on January 9, in Changjiang Delta of carp the city zone street rob 29 thousand yuan. Police investigates a lock to decide Ceng Mou to wait for a person, all be Jiangxi Ruijin book. Spring Festival eve, police still is driven go to Ruijin to investigate, dis东莞夜生活论坛cover they live dispersive, bad to capture. On Feburary 9, these people accompany returns fontal city, police is returned subsequently. The Spring Festival returns a spring to continue to commit the crime that evening afterwards late on Feburary 10, decide these 8 gangsters hide in Jin Jiangqing this world after one hotel, many 10 policeman unplugs the gun develops guest room. Right now, 8 gangsters are gambling inside, see the policeman comes in, some is frightened so that be gotten into bed bottom, some runs into toilet to hide, all is seized. They still are explained, late on Feburary 9, after returning fontal city, they rob one depositor in road of the annulus austral fontal city urban district that evening 3800 yuan, one depositor is robbed beside bright hair big public house 30900 yuan; Evening is much at 7 o’clock on Feburary 10, they rob one depositor beside square of Luo Jiangjia hill 6500 yuan. In these gangsters, partial member ever had larcenous bank to block guilty criminal record. (the bark of eucommia of this reporter of village of annals of network reporter Yu proclaimed in writing of Hua Chenmei Long Chenxiao / graph) responsibility edits: Hdwmn_cjf



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