the person that run feels the body is fatigue, the influence that behaves to ran is the directest, can personal experience arrives. Actually, body exhaustion also can is opposite the generation such as weight, mood, memory, skin is negative influence, the person that these influences run is not aware of inside may short time, but need is caused take seriously. A lot of research verifies weight, morpheus is not worth the body exhaustion that cause to be able to bring about gain weight. When Morpheus is insufficient, can affect the dextrose in blood and hormone content, namely thin albumen decreases, the stomach starves element increases, can bring negative effect finally to metabolism, add hungry touch. And, when the body is fatigue, athletic desire can drop, gain weight also is a corollary. Want to overcome this kind of situation, best method accelerates metabolism namely, hold to groovy motion, let body a

ctivity rise everyday, assure enough sleep. The mood considers to make clear, morpheus lack can bring very apparent effect to the mood, include the metropolis such as exhaustion of pressure, indignant, sadness, spirit to become serious. So, if because of Morpheus inadequacy brings about body exhaustion, had better be through increasing Morpheus prevents a mood low. When memory should feel the body is fatigue, the name that discovers oneself remember others very hard perhaps replies the thing with remember some important, do not think this is coincidence only, both between be to have certain and associated sex. Consider to confirm, appear when people when chronic and fatigue syndrome, memory can appear the circumstance that drop, and the working content that involves need recollection can be affected. Although can be body complement energy through drinking coffee, but this action is not long plan, because it will be disturbed your Morpheus mode. The time that skin skin needs to use night to rest has ego repair, prevent the skin flabby. But, if night sleep is serious insufficient, the time of skin ego rehabilitate can be lengthened, and can cause pressure the exudation of hormonal coriaceous alcohol is measured increase, and the increase that latter meeting causes the inflammation inside body, may cause the skin disease such as acne, eczema. Say so, morpheus is to maintain the means with best cutaneous, have scientific reason. Mental health sleep is e东莞夜生活论坛nough although insoluble all problems, but it is mixed really there is correlation between mental health. A research of China thought 2015, short-term be not worth with long-term Morpheus and is affinity between the risk that adult contracts depressed disease, both between the concern that also may be put in each other to be cause and effect. Appetite is become when the body is fatigue, the body can yearn for more energy. The food of water of more high in syrup, tall carbon can eat when a lot of people are so fatigue. Although this is on certain level,can alleviate the body is fatigue, but from long-term will look and go against healthy. If think complementary capabilities really, the carbolic water that has health more, protein and adipose. Original title: Responsibility of this 6 respects edits the person that exhaustion weakens ran expression to return an influence to run not merely: Lin Xin is firm



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