Beijing time 27 days, inferior sufficient couplet published list of judgment of world cup of polish 2019 U20, fu Ming is exclusive a Chinese judgment that be seleted, he重庆夜品茶网 will hold the position of video assistant judgment in this match. Picture origin: Inferior net of sufficient couplet official. According to inferior net of sufficient couplet official introduces, attend current race to execute the law juridical altogether of the job has 83, include 21 ref and 42 assistant ref and ref of 20 video assistant. Inferior sufficient couplet sent 13 judgments to participate in the match to execute the law, aihamaide – card husband (Oman) , Mohammed – Gufali (Singapore) , Adehan – Muhadema (Jordan) hold the position of advocate cut into parts, fu Ming and other 3 people hold the position of video assistant judgment jointly. Current U20 world cup will be held in Poland on June 15 at coming on May 23. On March 9, in the contend that exceeds class league matches the 2nd round in Chinese football, shandong Lu Neng team establishs trade group with 2 smoother than 2 battle Henan. International class advocate cut Fu Ming into parts to be sentenced for many times in the match punish cause home team to resent. After contest, shandong Lu Neng club

and Shandong are sufficient assist together to China sufficient assist referred an appeal. In the meantime, have gather up from media two papers that give Fu Ming to be published publicly 2015, show its paper existence borroweds circumstance, borrowed rate amount to 50% above. The college of city of gold of Nanjing aerospace university that holds a post before Fu Ming and the capital sports institute that hold a post now state to Fu Ming

paper incident undertakes investigating. Original title: Does colored flag wave outside? Fu Ming will sentence execute the law responsibility of U20 world cup edits: Li Xiaoling



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