Preliminary contest of national suff

icient world Lei of fierce of exposure of number of polo shirt of 40 strong competition 7 Ike dark 11 Beijing time on August 27, according to the country of sufficient reporter following a line explode makings, 2022 world preliminary contest 40 Jiang Saiwu Lei wrap around personally 7, ike of naturalization nation base dark chose 11. Contest of this preelection of world cup of second go on an expedition belongs to Wu Lei 7 numbers as before, this predecessor wraps around the Hao Jun Min of 11 polo shirt allows number actively to Ike dark, chose 8, be in so on September 10 world preliminary contest in first match, fan will see 11 Ike dar

k body wraps around, instead of Hao Jun Min 8. Beijing time on September 10, china male sufficient will be in the challenge that Asian area welcomes Maldives in 40 strong competition. At the appointed time, from the Wu Lei that armour competition ground returns on the west and base of new advance nation Ike dark sleeves hopeful couplet a hair, open country is sufficient the journey of go on an expedition of 2022. Original title: Does sufficient number of country of preliminary contest of world exposing to the sun decide: ? Wash rice? date Ike dark wrap around the body 11 responsibility edit: Li Xia佛山夜品茶网oling



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