Ding Junhui holds the position of Bo Tianpeng of article of bridge of chairman of professional player committee to fly to occupy news of network of official of Chinese billiards association when the vice director, on August 15, 2019, congress of member of the 5th whole nation is in Chinese billiards association Shanghai is held smoothly, the conference undertook deliberative vice-chairman of association controller list, specially invite, election deputy secretary-general, advisory, discuss in group, issue the agenda such as letter of appointment. In majestic and solemn and respectful national anthem sound, congress of member of the 5th whole nation pulls open Chinese billiards association formally heavy curtain. Current congress shares the 77 people of representing that come from section of sports of association of countrywide various billiards, each district, journalism, enterprise, athlete, trainer and other industry, attend as a nonvoting delegate 16 people. Chinese billiards association is changed from December 2014 since, chinese billiards career and the career synchronism with the country develop, obtained historic accomplishment. On the conference, comrade Wang Tao suffers on Chinese billiards association a leading group and working orgnaization are entrusted, make working report of congress of member of the 4th whole

nation. In the report, what Comrade Wang Tao works to going 5 years is meticulous comb and sum up, also point to the direction of clear advancement and target for association. The conference the 2nd agenda is communication of experience of local billiards association, secretary-general of Shanghai billiards association Comrade Qi Wei does a problem to reform pace to get used to Shanghai sports actively, aid the communication speech that turns Chinese billiards to make world center. Subsequently, vice-chairman of Zhejiang billiards association holds secretary-general Comrade Shi Guoping concurrently to do a problem to be follow closely pace, development innovation, the communication that pushs development of high quality of Zhejiang billiards motion makes a speech. Finally, chinese head, arriving also is exclusive at present the countryside delegate of a billiards, committee of Tang Zhen of new developed area of Pudong of the Communist Party of China publicizes ministerial Shen Jie to do a problem to be driven for two masterstroke, 8 hold to hand-in-hand speech. Subsequently, section chief of department of labour and capital of staff of department of human affairs of national sports total bureau Comrade Liu Lijiang announces new list of candidate of association of billiards of a China. Via national sports total bureau agrees, nomination Wang Tao nominates for chairman candidate; vitriol of Zhao Liping, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad love, Gan Liantong, Zhang Jingdong, Yu Zhijiang nominates for vice-chairman candidate; Liu Chunsheng is. Attendant delegate is consentient,长沙夜网论坛 collectivity is passed. Add: The 5th committee heads Chinese billiards institute orgnaization list chairman: Vice-chairman of vice director of management center of sports of marvellous softball of music of hand of king billows total bureau: Zhang Jingdong of assistant president of group of card of star of Beijing of Gan Liantong of vice director of center of spherule of Zhao Liping total bureau country abstruse sports inspects in accusing a group Inc. president to love Yu Zhijiang of former vice director of office of center of spherule of vitriol total bureau why: Association of institute of sports of undergraduate of book strong China registers as strong as Li Zhao of administrative department head Guangdong brightness electron accuses a secretary-general of limited company general manager: Liu spring gets the better of deputy secretary-general of center of total bureau spherule: Association of billiards of China of personnel of full-time of association of Tang Xu of personnel of full-time of association of king dawn bright onefold, association develops name of staff of commission of individual event of the 5th committee committee chairman: Zhang Ke grows a vice director: Wang Xiaojiong, Yan Qian, Kou Wentong, Jiang Yi 2, Si Nuo overcomes project committee chairman: Liu Chunsheng vice director: Ni Hao, Zhang Xin, Sun Yue, wait for decide 1 person 3, chairman of committee of project of beautiful type billiards: Wang Xiaojiong vice director: Zhang Ke long, Xu Ronggen, piece broken peak, Zhu Ying, Chen Wei 4, chairman of committee of project of Chinese style billiards: Tang Xu vice director: Cheng of king crescent, Wang Wei, king roc, wait for decide 1 person 5, chairman of agonistic judgment committee: Liu Chunsheng vice director: Benefit of Wei of Jiang Zhenyuan, Lv Kangming, Deng Yueyuan, Zheng 6, groom education committee chairman: Liu Zheng vice director: Tang Xu, Tang Jianjun, Xu Xin be good at, Sun Jijiang, Liu Jun, Shi Jialong 7: Adolescent recruits committee chairman: Zhang Jingrong vice director: Wang Shengchao, Lvriming, Shi Ming, rich Beijing, Chen Saiming 8, news publicizes committee chairman: Liang Jinxiong vice director: Day of Li Shuo, Hu Jianhua, Yang Ling, Lin Xiaofei, Li Dan 9, discipline committee chairman: Zhaoli makes

the same score a vice director: Wang Xiaojiong, Zhang Ke long, Lv Kangming, Jiang Zhenyuan, Nigel Mawer(WPBSA) 10, chairman of professional player committee: Ding Junhui vice director: Liang Wenbo, Tian Peng flies, original title of Wang Xiaojiong, Tang Xu: Wang Tao is elected as chairman of Chinese billiards association, ding Junhui holds the post of liability of chairman of professional player committee to edit: Li Xiaoling



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